Welcome to Monkey

Monkey is the world’s first Blockchain enabled ideas marketplace for Blockchain technology and digital assets. As a result, Monkey is being positioned to rapidly become the go-to destination for entrepreneurs and investors to congregate around the rapidly-expanding Crypto movement.

How to Trade in Monkey

Today, you can trade the following Monkey family tokens: Premine (PRE) - ERC20 Token and Coeval (COE) - ERC20 Token.

Monkey (MNY) tokens will follow in a few weeks.

Purchasing PRE

Premine (PRE) Is the First Monkey Family Token available and can be bought from exchanges.

Premine can be traded on HitBTC

The Monkey Exchange

Monkey is currently working on its own private exchange to trade present and future monkey coins along with BTC, LTC, ETH, and others.

The Monkey Exchange is currently being developed and is scheduled to launch an MVP trial in Q1 2018.

The Monkey Exchange will also trade its own assets such as PRE, MNY, and others.

MONKEY Timeline & Roadmap

  1. Value Coeval

    Daniel M. Harrison gives a presentation in Manila, Philippines to Coins.ph titled “The Age of Factory Banking,” in which he forecasts Bitcoin’s price by July 2017 at $2,400 (it was $300 at the time). The equation he used is attributable to a theory he formulated, now known as "Factory Banking," wherein the Blockchain acts as a "Value Coeval."

  2. Bipolar Market Theory

    Harrison publishes paper on Bipolar Market Theory in which he characterizes the Value Coeval effect as “consistently reflexive.”

  3. Monkey is Founded

    Monkey Capital Pte. Ltd. is founded in Singapore.

  4. Hong Kong Presentation

    Harrison gives a presentation in Hong Kong, in which he teaches how Bipolar Market Theory is a critical driver of the valuation of Blockchain assets and the development of digital assets products.

  5. Coeval & MNY

    Monkey Capital publishes first ICO white paper. COEVAL and MNY tokens are introduced on Waves DEX.

  6. Monkey.com Is Purchased

    DMH&CO, Monkey Capital’s parent company, purchases MONKEY.COM internet domain. Monkey teams up with ZURCOIN Blockchain developer to embark on new frontier Blockchain innovations. Synthetic ZUR is released on Waves DEX.

  7. New Site Launch

    Monkey.com website launched. Pre ERC-20 tokens created and begin distribution.

  8. MNY + Exchanges

    ERC-20 MNY tokens are created and distrbuted along with listings on HitBTC.


    Monkey plans a continuous deployment of its journalistic industry news, media and communications product suite.

Frequently Asked Questions

+What is a Capital Market?

A capital market is any sort of marketplace that involves trading of capital assets. Capital assets are the foundation on which economies are built. A capital market typically involves the employment of several distinct but interconnected functions: news and information, trade and communications channels. In the physical world, capital assets consist of securities, bonds, real estate and cash. In the virtual world, capital assets are in the process of becoming established still; digital assets, or Cryptocurrencies, are a type of capital asset emergent in the online space.

+How is Monkey a 21st Century Capital Market?

By bringing together the core aspects of a capital market – news and data distribution, communications devices and online exchange of digital assets – Monkey is being positioned to become the go-to source of capital markets activity with respect to virtual capital assets. Currently such services are highly-fragmented when it comes to the digital asset space. There are news and information providers such as Coindesk and Smith+Crown. Separately, there are (regional-focused) exchanges for buying and selling of assets such as Bittrex and Polononiex. Finally, there are communications channels such as Slack and Telegram, which are, more appropriate for team-oriented conversations than as tools for mass-communication. Imagine if all of these aspects of the digital asset space were unified in one space. That’s what Monkey aims to provide.

+What Capital Markets solution does Monkey offer that is unique?

First of all, no other players offer the combined integrated capital markets solutions that Monkey does. Furthermore, most other providers are investors looking to establish dominant trading positions in order to exploit profit-making opportunities out of sheer volumes in Cryptocurrencies. Monkey does not take the approach of either a principle investment agency (meaning it does not prioritize its own proprietary trading book) nor does it seek it to focus on just one area of service provision. Rather, Monkey intends to become the combined solution that other providers simply are not. Second, Monkey is a world leader in crafting and providing innovative solutions to problems such as digital asset valuation mechanisms, tradeable product innovations, and core product exchange-traded / liquidity-sensitive over-the-counter vs. market making solutions.

+I am an investor, so what can Monkey offer me?

Monkey offers a wide range of interdependent gamified digital assets with an infinitely wider product variety than anyone else, and the latest in product innovation in the space... as it occurs. Further, Monkey is developing a 24-hour journalistic media, information and communications tools – both individual (one-on-one) and combined (communal) – that are central to the Monkey product experience. Monkey began life as a community, and will evolve accordingly. If you are an accredited or high net worth investor looking to open an account greater than $10,000 in value and would like to speak to a dedicated customer service representative please contact [email protected]

+I am an entrepreneur thinking about an ICO. Is Monkey the right place to come for Pre-Quantum Capital Market™ partnership opportunities?

We think so. Beginning with the invention of COEVAL (COE), and evolving over time into more complex digital assets derivatives products such as Monkey (MNY), which introduced the notion of “kidnapping” (giving it a futures-contract volatility-enhanced tradability), ZUR's ZUS (a synthetic simultaneously reproductive and burnable counterpoint), as well as numerous evolving Parent and Child token innovations, such as forward-swap contract hybrids. Simply put, Monkey is the leader in gamified Crypto-trading innovation. No one else has the kind of experience and/or knowledge that we do when it comes to identifying floatation, listing or trading solutions. If you are an entrepreneur with a revenue-producing business and are considering an, please contact our digital assets product team at [email protected]